One of the highest impact dissemination activities carried out by the consortium has been the dissemination event held in Santa Marta, Colombia (16 to 19 of March, 2023), coinciding with the course of the Latin American Academy of Geriatrics (ALMA), which this year was specifically focused on the treatment of diabetes in the frail older adults and especially oriented towards the approach adopted by DIABFRAIL-LATAM. This event was attended by ageing research scientists, geriatricians and physiotherapists not only from the four participating Latin American countries (Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru) but also from several other Latin American countries (Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and República Dominicana) and European countries (Spain and Noruega). The purpose of this large-scale dissemination action has been to present the approach adopted in DIABFRAIL-LATAM to researchers from all over the continent and to carry out various training actions about it through presentations given by several of the project’s researchers so that these attending researchers can in turn disseminate the project in their respective countries. In addition, this action has another crucial component, which has been to act as a liaison between the participating researchers from all these Latin American countries and their national authorities for the purposes of the scaling up. Thus, upon their return to their respective countries, these researchers will contact their national authorities to get involved in the scaling-up of the project in their respective countries. To this end, PAHO has already held discussions to achieve effective scaling-up in several countries besides the 4 participating ones in the project. This activity has been of great importance to advance in the maximum and most effective dissemination of the project throughout the region and at the same time to achieve an effective scaling up involving as many Latin American countries as possible. PAHO received many communications with interest of potential partners to implement Diabfrail in the country level.

Prof. Leocadio Rodriguez Mañas – Diabfrail coordinator

Dr. Walter Sepúlveda (Requínoa-Chile)

Francisco J. Mansoa (CIBER)

Dra. Olga Laosa (Deputy coordinator)

Prof  Jose Viña (Univ. Valencia)

Dra. Patricia Morsch (PAHO-Scalling up)

ALMA-Diabfrail Latam Speakers

Coordinator team and some investigators

ALMA-Diabfrail Latam Atendees